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Thank you for your cooperation.

The project
will be presented
at the


Ukrainian Friends
from the Rivne Region


The first EVENT TOOK place


in the foyer of
Vienna House Andel's Lodz,
famous for its unique interiors
and friendly atmosphere
for the promotion of culture and art.

What is

The main goal of the project is to show the international community the successes of Ukrainian representatives of the world of art and culture by presenting artist and their works, as Ambassadors in Ukraine’s pursuit of the European Union.

As part of the project, we plan to coordinate a series of events, exhibitions, concerts and meetings with artists in many polish cities.

exhibition curator

Tatiana Wojda

In the human aspect, the exhibition reflects the longing for a free, democratic world in which the artist has not only creative freedom but also freedom of movement and sharing his achievements with people in other countries.

We plan to present
the works of
the following artists:

Iryna Dzyndra


A representative of modern trends of the fine and decorative arts artist. In her works places emphasis on the, process of creating an image, on interdependence of the artist and the painting and vice versa, when most fully theopportunities for retranslation of the emotional-imaginative groundwork are materialized. The themes of the author’sartistic expression most often are revealed in a landscape, her own vision of the landscape and space where itspreads with all the finest nuances of its emotional coloring. Contemplation, dialogue, meditation are the priority principles of the contextual filling of the artist’s works picturesqueness.

Born in Lurtsk, Ukraine.Edukation:I. Trush College of Decorative and Applied Arts in Lviv, Ukraine;Lviv Academy of Arts. Field of interests – painting, graphic art, glass blowing.

and residing in Baden Baden, Germany


Eugenia Jaeger


Dipl. Artist
4.08.63 born in Kazakhstan
since 1996 in Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden
Member of the Union of Artists of Germany and the Swedish Graphic Association.

Curatorial Projects:

2023 Project: „In this moment of my life” Contemporary wartime art from Ukraine

GEDOK Gallery Forum, Karlsruhe

2021 III International Triennale of Contemporary Graphic Arts in Art Museum Novosibirsk / Russia

между здесь и там, раньше и сейчас / between here and there, before and now

Printmaking project in 13 countries, 33 artists

2020 Printmaking art from Scandinavia-Baltic States-Europe-Central Asia-East Africa-Mexico

Hohenwart Forum, Pforzheim

2019 “Allt som finns bredvid mig” GEDOK, 5 artists from Sweden, Karlsruhe

2018 Postcolonial Art from Central Asia / Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan /

GEDOK Karlsruhe, Germany

2018 graphics from 10 countries – Baltic States, Europe, Scandinavia, Central Asia / Galerie Rennbahn 8, Achern, Germany

2017 The Baltic Photo Biennale Photomania 2017, project “Black Forest Transfer”, Kaliningrad-Koenigsberg, Russia

2017 EST + LT + DE = graphics. Current prints from Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, GEDOK Karlsruhe

2016 “KARLSRUHE TRANSFER” Municipal Gallery Krasnodar and GEDOK Karlsruhe, group exhibition of 9 female artists from Germany

2015 The XII Baltic States Biennale of Graphic Art Kaliningrad, Russia, Germany-Curator


2015 GEDOK Karlsruhe, group exhibition “The Other Shore” with 6 artists from Krasnodar

2011 Städtische Galerie A3 Moscow, group exhibition „Neonostalgia” as part of the Year of Germany in Russia, 2011

Juri Member:

2021 III International Triennale of Contemporary Graphic Arts in Art Museum Novosibirsk / Russia

2020 The 13th BALTIC STATES BIENNALE OF GRAPHIC ART, Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad, Russia

2019 The International Graphic Art Festival UNI Graphica, Krasnodar, Russia

2017 The Baltic Photo Biennale “Photomania“, Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad, Russia

Exhibitions (selection):

2022 RETOUR , Galerie de l’Est, Compiègne, France

2022  „Touches” Centre for Contemporary Art Pivka at the Ethno Museum Klenik/ Slovenia

2021 “Hunt for Soluble” Zverev Museum for Contemporary Art / Moscow, Russia

2021 Gula industri Huset, Galleri Gulan / Stallarholmen / Sweden

2021 „Grafiska tryck” Gallerian Gula Rosornas, Strängnas / Sweden

2021 10 International Festival of Fine Arts Kranj / Slovenia

2020 8TH Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

2020 „Printcard Wroclaw” graphic project in San Juan / Puerto Rico / USA

2019 14TH Asia Contemporary Art Hong Kong

2019 BALTIC DRAWING II Biennale, Imatran Taidemuseo, Finland

2019 Art Up! Lille, Galerie de l’Est, Art Fair Lille, France

2019 Everything next to me Hohenwart Forum, Pforzheim

2018 „Portrait of the place” Gallery de l’Est, Compiègne, France

2017 Di carta / papermade. Biennal International Papermade, Vicenza, Italy

2017 „23. Karlsruhe Art Fair „Karlsruhe

2017 EST + LT + DE = graphics, GEDOK, Karlsruhe

2016 „1×2” gallery in ARTFORUM Offenburg

2016 BALTIC DRAWING, Imatra, Finland http://balticdrawing.net/eugenia-jaeger/

2016 Konstfrämjandetgaleri Sörmland, Eskilstuna, Sweden

2016 Gallery Sjöhästen Nyköping, Sweden

2016 State Gallery Krasnodar „Karlsruhe Transfer” Russia

2015 The XII Baltic States Biennial of Graphic Art Kaliningrad-Konigsberg Russia

2015 2×1 L6 Gallery, Freiburg

2015 Municipal Gallery „Na Kashirke”, Moscow, Russia

2015 „MONOCHROM” Organ Factory, Karlsruhe

2014 Gallery in the Bürgerhaus, Kunstverein „Kulturkreis Sulzfeld”, Sulzfeld

2014 „RELATIONSHIPS” GEDOK, Karlsruhe with Katalin Modvay

2013 Society of Friends of Young Art, juried exhibition, Baden-Baden

2013 screen project, Grafikens Hus, Mariefred Sweden

2013 Central Artist House Moscow, „Experiments of Graphics”, boarding school. Graphic fair, Moscow

2013 Manegalerie „East-West Project”, Moscow

2012 Municipal Gallery A3, Moscow

2012 Biennale „Art Contemporain de Armenia”, Giumri – Erevan, Armenia

2012 Central Artist House Moscow, printmaking, International Exhibition, Moscow

2012 BBK Karlsruhe, groups exhibition, Karlsruhe

2011 ARTZEN Basel, German-Japanese Art Fair, Basel

2011 Konstfrämjandetgaleri Sörmland, Eskilstuna, Sweden

2011 „Search for roots”, exhibition „of the European Commission Berlaymont”, Brussels.

2010 „Provincial Territory” Gallery In ART, Berlin

2010 „Screenprint Project”, Grafikens Hus, Mariefred, Sweden

2009 Grafikens Hus, Serigraphy Photopolymer Project „, Mariefred, Sweden

2009 A-Gallery, Art Academy Strangnas, Sweden

2008 Grafikens Hus, „Screenprinting Project”, Mariefred, Sweden

2008 „Caminos de Gloria”, Gloria Hall, Dusseldorf

2008 „Artaukcion Lodz”, ARSNOVA Gallery, Lodz, Poland

2007 „Berliner Liste 07”, ART Contemporain, Gallery In ART, Berlin

2007 EspaceG Gallery, Strasbourg

2007 ARTSIDE 07, Salon d’ART Contemporain, Strasbourg

2007 ART Zurich international, Gallery In ART, Switzerland

2007 International Plein-Air Lobec, Gallery ARSNOVA, Lodz, Poland

2007 printmaking project, Grafikens Hus, Mariefred, Sweden

2006 „Poly Gallery”, Karlsruhe

2006 International Print Triennial, Krakow, Poland

2006 Plein-Air International, Münster, Germany

During The Vernissage Inaugurating The Exhibition,
We Have Also Planned A Concert By A Well-Known
Ukrainian Pianist From The Łódź Opera


Taras Hlushko 


Anastasiya Vasylyk

Our Partners are:

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